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Jeff P.

My son and daughter and I have all studied piano with Ed.  I started with Ed as a "lapsed" piano player from my own school days.  I had a great time studying and learning new pieces, and got to the point where I could improvise along with a fake book, or even with a simple chord chart for songs I already knew from listening to recordings.  My son, who's now at college, has become very interested in listening to and creating electronic music and DJing, and credits his love of music to his studies with Ed.  My daughter is still studying with Ed, and she has also become very involved in her school's chorus, which she enjoys quite a bit.  Ed's approach to teaching piano is quite unusual, since few teachers follow the interests of their students so closely, and fewer still teach improvisation and playing by ear.  Ed is a gem, and I heartily recommend him for teaching your children, as well as for those of you returning to the piano after a long absence, or taking it up for the first time as adults.

Jared S.

Currently a senior in high school, I have been taking piano lessons with Mr. Cupman since I was 6.  In my 12 years of lessons with Mr. Cupman, I have never been bored.  Each week is a new week and I feel like I gain something new everytime I'm finished.  In my opinion, the piano is one of he hardest instruments to play but Mr. Cupman finds a way to make it easy.  He makes playing the piano fun and enjoyable.  His love for music definitely rubs off on me, and that makes the lessons that much better.  He's really flexible with his schedule and if you ever need to cancel or change a lesson, he is fine with it.  Going into college next year, I must thank Mr. Cupman for making my choice to continue studying music as well as playing it, that much easier.

Dave M

Ed is fantastic. He has shared and fostered a love of music and of learning with my 2 daughters.  Yes, they are both playing well above where I expected them to be at this point in their studies.  But far more important, they both love it.  I have never (truly, not even once) had to ask them to practice.  They just do it because they love piano. I'm amazed at Ed's combination of patience, gentle prodding, and remarkable ability to find and extend the outer edge of their abilities.  Truly, I could not be happier. (And neither could my kids!)

Esther L

My kids love Ed.  My 13 and 10 year old currently have repertoires of great pieces of Bach, Vince Guaraldi, Del Shannon, Harry Potter themes, the Beatles and even the theme from Gilligan's Island (my daughter's request). I'm gunning for some Tom Waits next!  Ed guides them to interesting pieces that they love to learn.  He finds arrangements or creates arrangements that fit their levels of play.  Challenging, but not frustrating. I rarely have to remind my kids to practice, because they naturally keep drifting back to the piano to play.  Ed teaches them the basics, the tricks of the trade and adapts to their strengths.  For example, my son easily plays by ear, so Ed incorporates that into teaching him new pieces.  Ed is a kind and gentle soul who is infinitely interested in the soul of music and in the kids. He has nurtured in my children a love for music that will last their lifetimes.

Michael W.

A decade with Ed and I simply cannot imagine a more fruitful and productive piano experience. Both of my children (17 and 11) have been, and are being, taught under his careful, patient - and it needs to be said his challenging - tutelage.  Ed's grasp of the American songbook in particular is profound, wide-ranging and refined.  He is as careful to impart a deep knowledge of the composition and history of a song as he is with the technique and emotion of playing it.  He is a treasure.

Nick S.

I took piano lessons for 5-6 years as a kid and hated every minute of them- all classical and scales-- I never got a chance to play songs I liked.
When I retired about 4-5 years ago,  I found Ed and started taking lessons from him... Now, some 150 songs later, I still play a couple of hours every day and  and enjoy every minute of it... Jazz, Blues, Show Tunes, Improv, Beatles , Willie Nelson, Gershwin,... etc etc ---not much classical and NO SCALES except the blues and Jazz improv scales ;-) I have seen and listened to his students both young kids and adults... We love piano and taking from Ed!  A couple of us have even started getting together at my house for to listen to one another play  in our "Jam Sessions" .  Who knows, maybe you will join us after you start with Ed.

Sumi H.  My son has taken piano lessons from Ed since he was 4 years old; now he is 16 and a great musician.  Ed has taught him to play and compose also.  We moved from San Francisco to the far East Bay in 2003, and my son wouldn't consider changing teachers. Ed can teach you how to play piano in a way that you own the process and embody the music, rather than just timidly reading a written notes by rote.  My son wanted to learn more by ear and feel rather than primarily by reading, so this worked out well, as Ed knew how to teach that way as he is self-taught.  We have friends who have started with Ed since my son did, and they have all found him great to work with.  Ed can arrange pieces of music the student wants to learn, so even when my son's hands were small, he could create arrangements of pieces my son wanted to learn, suited to his needs.    Ed also has a great rapport with kids (and adults!). Highly recommend!

Andrew M.    My seven-year-old son has been taking lessons with Ed for 9 months.  He came in with one year of classical experience looking to play a wider range of music and was so excited that he was able to help choose his own music.  Ed has a wonderful way of introducing new genres while effectively teaching the theory behind the music; both technically and philosophically.  My son has excelled tremendously under Ed's great coaching and is building a strong foundation to be a well-rounded musician.  In my son's words, "He's really nice and I like all the songs he gave to me."

Christopher T

My son has been studying piano with Ed for six years. Ed provides the right kind of teaching for our son. He picks music that we all enjoy and encourages our son to pick songs that he wants to play. Rather than being focused on repetition and "perfection" Ed it has helped our son truly enjoy playing the piano. It has enriched his life and added something very nice to our family. Ed is patient, understanding and kind. If you really want to enjoy playing and learn from a warm and supportive teacher, Ed is a great choice.

Dan P.

Ed is an outstanding piano teacher and a great person! Our 14-year-old has taken lessons from Ed since First Grade.  Ed has very effectively used his own arrangements to continue to engage our son's interest while steadily improving his skills, knowledge of the instrument, and overall understanding of music composition and performance.  And we have never gotten a complaint about going to a lesson -- ever.   Bravo!

Jeannette W.

I took piano lessons as a kid, and then never got any better. As an adult I decided I wanted to improve so I started lessons again. Ed was not my first piano teacher as an adult. I was referred to him when my first teacher could not teach any longer. It’s been a great experience for however many years we're up to now! The lessons aren't out of books. We just pick songs. Sometimes Ed suggests something; sometimes I do. Ed arranges his own music. The arrangements sound so much better than most you get out of a piano book (to me at least.)  Ed can cover any repertoire. He's introduced me to much music from the 1920's, 30's and 40s that I like very much. In addition, we're both huge Beatles fans, so we play a lot of their songs. I like to sing when I play, so when we choose a song, part of the process is determining the best key for me to sing it in, then he prints the song in that key via his computer set up. I love to practice the piano because I love the songs I play. (Actually, I never say I am "practicing" the piano; I just say I am "playing" the piano.) Of course, I pay for my own lessons now that I'm an adult. I find the cost reasonable, by the way. Ed is quite easy to work with and you can tell he LOVES music. I would heartily recommend him to anyone.

Josephine T.

Ed is the best piano teacher and extremely talented.  My son (age 11) has been taking piano lessons from him for the last three years, and I highly recommend Ed if you are looking for a great piano teacher. He is laid back, patient and works really well with children.  He has guided my son through the steps to his best ability; my son has improved so much both in his technical skill and understanding of music.  He looks forward to his music lesson every week and has developed the love of music, the best thing parents can ask for.
Ed offers lots of encouragement and he emphasizes techniques yet make sure it is fun at the same time.
He helps to pick song that work best for his students' level, yet is constantly challenging them to improve and get to the next level.
Ed is so passionate with his music, and that really make a different when he teaches his student, I can't imagine my son having a different piano teacher. Thank you Ed for bringing music to our family!

Lan L.

Ed is the best piano teacher we've had. My two daughters (9 & 6) are taking lessons from Ed. I saw him carefully, gently cultivate their loves and interests toward music - this is exactly what parents can hope for - the kids will have music with them all their lives! They also make so much progress on skills all the time. I also love the location: There is very good playground close by so I can take my son and one girl there while the other girl is taking lesson:-).

Kevin K.

Ed is the BEST!  Our two boys (ages 9 & 11) have been taking lessons from Ed for years.  They have very different personalities yet Ed knows how to work his piano magic with each.  What they have learned about music and playing the piano is amazing!  They look forward to their lessons every week and even love to practice at home so they are ready for their lessons with Ed.  If there were more than 5 STARS to rate, Ed would get them from this reviewer.

Anne R

Ed is a fantastic teacher who instills a love of music in his students.  He is gentle, patient and understands what motivates children.  Getting our kids to practice has been easy, quite different from my own experience with music lessons as a child.  My son has studied with Ed for 11 years (he is now 17) and my daughter stopped at age 13 after six years as it no longer interested her.  My son is now an amazing performer of jazz, blues and rock.  He also has played some classical but jazz is now his passion.  We have Ed to thank for cultivating that passion for music.

Mary B.

I started piano lessons with Ed in 2000 when I turned 50--I knew I couldn't wait any longer to start on this life-time goal. As an older student, I also knew it wouldn't be easy learning how to read music, and I had no music theory education at all. Ed was patient and understanding, and within several weeks I was playing little classically-inspired pieces and fun tunes. Ed was able to break down the structure of any piece, classical or rock-n-roll, into understandable bits that I found relatively easy to play (with lots of practice! no way around that!) and which I could later play from memory very well. Ed Cupman is a fantastic music teacher, and adds to that competence a kind and gentle manner, a wealth of knowledge about many kinds of music, and a rich imagination and understanding of the world that adds incredible value to every lesson. I still go back occasionally for "refreshers", but my learning experience with Ed was so productive that early on I bought a baby grand piano for myself, as I knew I would be able to play beautiful music on it for the rest of my life--a dream come true.

Mary S.

I have been taking lessons from Ed for years and can't imagine taking from anyone else.  He lets you pick out your own pieces to play and isn't at all put out if you say you don't like a certain piece.  Also love that he provides his own arrangements based on patterns you have already covered.  And as we are all busy adults and sometimes I arrive at my lesson without having practiced, he works with that and never raps knuckles figuratively or literally!  He can work equally well with people who can only play by ear or those who need the music to read and he will help you do the opposite of what is most comfortable so you can expand your abilities.

Ken B

If you've wanted to play the piano all your life, see Ed. Learning to play the piano is not just for kids.  You can do it too!  I began lessons a few years ago as a complete beginner.  Ed was flexible and willing to teach me in a way that I thought would best meet my goals. I asked him to train me as an ear player, as a fake book player, a casual accompanist.  He quickly taught me the fingerings, chord inversions and basic pop patterns.  We have built my skills song by song, so even from the earliest weeks I was actually playing something.  It might be practice, but it never feels like it.  I've recommended Ed many times to friends and I recommend him to you.


Ed is patient, talented and a great teacher. He has a true joy with his music, and completes his own arrangements of the best standards and blues piano. I learned to play as a child, and Ed is helping with the memorizing of pieces, and improvisation. I recommend taking lessons to either beginners, or experienced pianists.

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